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Lead Producer/Casting Director New York City Premiere at the Historic Green-Wood Cemetery.  
See what the New York Times Raved about.  www.thespoonriverproject.comhttp://www.thespoonriverproject.comhttp://www.thespoonriverproject.comshapeimage_12_link_0
Lead Producer / General Management
hit new thriller that played UNDER Broadway at the Mean Fiddler Bar and Grill in NYC.  This critics pick was likened to a live Twilight Zone!

Lead Producer / General Management

new Los Angeles premiere that played at the historic

Pig ‘N Whistle on Hollywood Blvd.

Investing Producer
top of the list as one of the “People of Godspell” for the 2011 Broadway Production.http://www.godspell.com

Lead Producer/General Management

2013 Off Broadway premiere of Candice Guardino’s one woman show about growing up in Staten Island.


General Management

2013 Off Broadway premiere of Jake Jeppson’s story of two brothers bound together by a terrible secret they’ve been hiding for 18 years. theclearingplaynyc.com

Executive Producer / General Management

2014 North Hollywood production at the El Portal Theater starring Sally Struthers as Louise Segar and Carter Calvert as Patsy Cline.

General Management

Anthony Wilkinson’s original Off Broadway production of My big gay italian wedding ran from 2012-2015.  The sequel, my big gay italian funeral ran for two years from 2013-2015.  Stay tuned for the final show in the trilogy coming fall of 2015.

General Management

Donald Moscowitz has overbearing Parents.  He is trying to live his life as a gay man in 1980s New York—a struggling actor no less. Of course his parents are in denial about his lifestyle, disapprove of his career choice, and question his flair for decoration.

To get his family to stop kvetching, Donald needs a son.  With the help of his ballsy best friend Henrietta and rising drag queen Levi, Donald hires the ten-year-old kid from downstairs to play his son.  This fast-paced new comedy, from the wit of Marshall Goldberg, takes audiences on arollicking risqué ride to remind us just how far we’ll go for family.

Executive Producer / General Management

Danya and Addison are caring, intelligent people who are also lesbian lovers. They have professional careers, a beautiful home, a baby on the way and a passion and love for each other unmatched by any in history. But someone has a lifelong secret that threatens to destroy all they hold dear, forces them to look at each other in a different light and to answer profound questions of, do we really see each other in a relationship and why do we love who we love?